About Us

6,000,000. Yes, we make that many neckties every year – since 1995 – for literally all the major names in this industry.This is precisely why we know every little detail about the making of an excellent necktie, and how NOT to cost you the amount of money you have been paying for them.Welcome to TIExpresso, and congratulations, you have finally come to the right place for your neckties.


Two decades ago, TIExpresso was but a small tie-maker from Southeast China. As a pioneer of the country’s initiative of making Shengzhou – our birthplace – the world’s manufacturing center of neckties, we knew how big a market potential we had in front of us, but we never rushed. Taking each small client with utmost seriousness, we grew slowly yet steadily from a group of craftsmen to a comprehensive manufacturing service provider.


Behind the Big Names

Order by order, our reputation was built. Quality, meticulousness, and reliability, these became our trademarks, which won us more and more big clients – Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Zara, Ven Heusen… these industry leaders have happily been our clients for the last ten years.

“A 120-Dollar Tie? Hum…”

A few years ago, my daughter, who was studying in the US, sent me a message that, to her, was maybe just some nice chatting with her mum, but to me, was inspiration.She told me, that one of her professors was showing the necktie he just bought for himself, and he was happy and proud to tell his students that the tie cost him 120 dollars. Growing up with me in my factory, my daughter knew exactly how that tie was made merely by checking out the fabric and the design of it, and she told me with certainty: “That 120-dollar tie, is what our factory makes on a daily basis.”


From Factory Floor To End-Users

Inspired by my daughter and her professor, I decided to launch my own E-commerce business – TIExpresso. Just like the name indicates, for the first time, you don’t have to pay unnecessary money for just a tag. TIExpresso delivers the supreme value of a necktie from where it’s made all the way to your hands, and thanks to the development of today’s logistics, this absolutely unique value is coming to you Express.