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1.Q: What is the business of Tiexpresso ?

A: Tiexpresso provides our customers with neckties, bow ties, squares and scarves of the best quality at the most favorable prices. We have our own design team and our designers have always designed fashionable and classical patterns with which follow the trend of the times. We are willing to help our customers pick any of our products which are used in special occasions such as wedding and interview etc.. If you want to know more about our website, please click “Our Story”.

2.Q:How shall I choose the appropriate size of my necktie ?

A: The usual length of our necktie is 58 inches. Neckties of this length are suitable for most people to wear. We have neckties of various widths, wide ties, usual ties and narrow ties. Specifically, the choice of neckties depends on your figure and the type of coat lapel. If you know nothing about how to choose your necktie, please consult our support staff and they will give you some useful suggestion.

3.Q:How do your ties feel ?

A: Different neckties feel differently. Neckties made of silk feel smooth and soft, and they always have no folds and take on the specific brilliance of silk. Neckties made of polyester are relatively stiff and easy to make ties.Neckties made of silk wool feel thick and warm and they are suitable to wear in autumn and winter.Neckties made of silk flax are more ventilate, thin and light due to their materials, and the neckties are suitable to wear in summer.Neckties made of silk and cotton feel fine, smooth and natural, which do not stimulate the skin.

4.Q:Are your ties dirty-resistant ?

A: Due to their materials, silk neckties and polyester neckties are more dirty resistant than silk and cotton neckties, silk and flax neckties as well as silk and wool neckties.

5.Q:If i want to buy several neckties of the same pattern,do you have enough stock ?

A: If you are going to purchase a large quantity of our products, please tell our support staff; and they will tell you the quantity in stock. In case the quantity in stock cannot meet with your demand, we will make some more neckties for you. You just need to wait for several days instead of paying extra money. We appreciate your understanding.

6.Q:Is the customers feedback on your website true ?

A. The feed backs on our website are given by your customers. Our website accepts any kinds of feed backs. Favorable feedback is a courage which motivates us to provide better products and services while unfavorable feedback is an alert which urges us to make up the shortcomings.

7.Q:When will the product I ordered be delivered ?

A: All products being ordered will be delivered on the next day after the date when the order is placed. You can choose the specific delivering time and the shipping method. If you are interested in our regulations on shipments, please consult our support staff.Once your package is sent out, we will send the waybill number to your email for the convenience that you can track on the logistics status of your order in real time.

8.Q:Can you guarantee that the necktie I buy has the same color as that on the picture ?

A: Due to different computer monitors, we cannot guarantee that the same picture of a necktie looks the same on your computers. If you find, after receiving your goods, that the color is not what you want, you can apply for refunding or changing the goods. For specific operation process, please check on our website for the regulations for returning or exchanging the goods, or you can also consult our support staff.

9.Q: Are my Email address and PayPal account kept as secrets ? Can the security of my account be assured ?

A: Please don’t worry. The information on your email address and PayPal account is safe. We will not tell the information of our customers to any organization or person or sell the private information of our customers to use it for commercial purposes. However, our website will irregularly send some neckties or the newest patterns design which we think you will be interested in to your email. For the user who places an order online,your PayPal account is electrically disposed during the whole process and no one else has access to it.

10.Q:Can i cancel the order after it is placed ?

A: The order cannot be canceled or changed after it is placed. If you have any questions, please consult our support staff.

11.Q:How much is the freight ? How much time will it take for me to get my package ?

A: For specific freight and transportation time, please refer to our page of transportation information or consult our support staff.

12.Q:How about the provisious of returning and echanging goods ?

A: For specific provisions for exchanging goods, please refer to our page of exchanging goods or consult our support staff.

13.Q:The problem is that I cannot find the answer in FAQs ,What should I do ?

A: Once you have any problems, please contact with our support staff; and our email address is